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We are finally OPEN for hair treatments! Hair Botox & Nanoplastia straightening

We are finally OPEN for hair treatments! ✅Hair Botox ✅Nanoplastia straightening The HAIR BOTOX treatment will repair your damaged hair from past coloration or by the environment. @felps_canada hair Botox main ingredients: amino acid, oils, collagen, hyaluronic acids. Curly hair will stay curly but full of life and bright! .........🌿 Intense hydration 🌿Shine 🌿Hair growth 🌿Flexibility 🌿Resistance 🌿Helps with dandruff & oily scalp 🌿No more frizz 🌿Elasticity Nanoplastia @felps_canada products are based on amino & tanino acids as main ingredients to straighten the hair instead of chemicals. It will nourish & heal the hair from the inside (cortex), like the hair botox treatment but straighten it at the same time. If you have dry and damaged hair but still want a straightening treatment, nanoplastia is for you! 🌿Flexibility 🌿Frizz control 🌿Shine 🌿Resistance 🌿Straighthens hair up to 90% 🌿Hydration 🌿When exposed to water, strands do not curl BOTH TREATMENTS: 🍃 Will give you healthy, flowing and attractive hair 🍃 Absolutely harmless and nourishes the hair from the inside (cortical layer) 🍃 Strands are not tangled and are less damaged, self-healing occurs 🍃 Protection against thermal and physical effects 🍃 Less time spent on hair styling 🍃NO FORMALDEHYTE 🍃NO SULFATES 🍃NO PARABENS 🐰CRUELTY FREE

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